Student Travel Awards

Please complete the Rehabilitation Science Travel Grant Application Cover Sheet and return to Laura Quintana (


Rehabilitation Science travel awards are intended to help financially support student participation in national and international meetings. Awards are usually $250.

Eligibility criteria

1. Open to all Rehabilitation Science PhD students.

2. The student in the second year and beyond must have filled out the online student monitoring plan.

 Application procedure

1. Prepare the Rehabilitation Science Travel Grant Application Cover Sheet signed by your primary mentor.

2. Send a copy of the cover sheet and the abstract via email to Laura Quintana (

Review process

1. A call for applications will occur twice a year. The Rehabilitation Science steering committee will review all applications submitted by the priority deadline.

2. If there are still funds remaining, we will continue to evaluate applications on a rolling basis.

3. Review criteria:

Priority will be given to students who are presenting their research.

i. The committee may also consider the following criteria when making a decision:

a. Quality of the abstract, including:

i. Rationale and/or hypothesis clearly stated

ii. Results and conclusions clearly stated

iii. Preliminary/pilot study vs. completed study

b. Seniority of the student