Graduate Transfer of Credit

Transfer of credit requests should be made in the student’s first semester in the Rehabilitation Science PhD program and no later than the third term of PhD study. No more than 30 credits of a master’s degree from another institution will be transferred to the doctoral program. Any courses beyond the master’s degree must be taken at an institution offering doctoral degrees to be considered for credit transfer. The total number of credits that may be transferred cannot exceed 45 (including 30 from a prior master’s degree).

All transferred courses must be graduate-level, letter-graded with a grade of B or better, and demonstrated to relate directly to the degree being sought. Practice-oriented and clinically-based courses typically do not qualify. However, we do accept transfer credits from appropriate coursework from clinical doctorate programs (e.g. DPT, OTD).

Coursework eligible for credit transfer must be completed within the last seven years. This time period is tracked from date of degree conferment to first semester enrolled in the Rehabilitation Science PhD program. For example, if a student completed a master of science in April 2018, the seven-year transfer window would close April 2025.

Credit transfer requests must be approved by the student’s primary mentor and Rehabilitation Science Program Director. Rehabilitation Science Graduate Transfer of Credit form and course syllabi are required. Final approval lies with the UF Graduate School.