Student Forms

This page provides some forms that you may find useful as your move through the RSD program.

Rehabilitation Science Travel Grant Application

To apply for a Rehabilitation Science travel award, complete the Travel Grant Application Coversheet and submit to the program coordinator along with a copy of abstract.

Degree Plan

This form is to be completed by the graduate student and the assigned faculty advisor. It is important to note that the proposed course work is tentative and may be modified as the student progresses through the program. The Research Committee members need not be selected until the student has selected a research topic. A copy of this completed form goes to the student and the original is to be placed in their file.

Rehabilitation Science Supervisory Committee Form

All supervisory (thesis or dissertation) committees are to be entered online through the GIMS (Graduate Information Management System) website. Use this form as a guide and submit to the program coordinator for your supervisory committee to be entered into GIMS.

Degree Certification Status Verification Form

If you need a letter verifying your current degree candidate status, fill out this form and submit it to UF Graduate School Student Records.

Degree Application

All students are required to submit an application for degree via ONE.UF for the term in which a degree is to be awarded. Applications must be submitted by published deadlines via ONE.UF.

Degree applications are available through the ONE.UF online system from about July 15 through mid-September for Fall Semester; about November 1 through mid-January for Spring Semester; and about April 1 through the midpoint deadline for Summer B/C Semester.

Rehabilitation Science Graduate Transfer of Credit

Use this form as a guide to request a transfer graduate credits from a prior graduate degree (elsewhere or at UF).

Change of Degree Form

This form is used to change a graduate student’s classification (major, department or college), add another degree program segment to his/her record (for example, a doctorate along with a master’s degree), or admit a current UF graduate student in another program into our program. This form is only available through the Graduate Information Management System (GIMS), for the Graduate Coordinator to complete.

Late Degree Application Form

If you miss the degree application deadline for the semester in which you planned on graduating, fill out this form. You must submit it to the UF Office of the Registrar before the midpoint of the semester in which you plan on graduating. For more information, please check with the UF Registrar.

Rehabilitation Science Exit Survey

Students are required to complete an exit survey and are also invited to schedule an optional exit interview with the program director. Students should also submit a copy of their updated CV and PDF version of final dissertation to the program coordinator.