Course Registration Information

Each semester students are required to submit a Rehabilitation Science Course Registration Form to the Program Coordinator by the stated deadline.

Students are required to receive approval from their mentor regarding registration of courses prior to registration each semester.

Students will be registered for program-controlled RSD courses and unless otherwise stated, are expected to self-register for all other courses.

Students are responsible for meeting course requirements, as defined by the instructor, for all courses in which they enroll.

Students on paid appointments:

Students are to verify with their funding administrator they are registering for the required number of credits for their fee waiver to process and maintain funding. In most cases (.50 FTE appointment), students are required to take 9 credits in the Fall and Spring semesters and 6 hours in the Summer semester. Additionally, in the summer, the 6 hours must be spread over the entire term. Students may not register for 6 hours in Summer A or B alone. You must register for a combination of the following: 6 hours in C or 6 hours in A & B or 6 hours in A & C or 6 hours in B & C.

Final term registration:

In their final term, students are required by the Graduate School to register for at least 3 credits of RSD7980: Dissertation Research in the Fall or Spring semester and at least 2 in the Summer semester. Students on paid appointments will have to comply with the requirements of their funding, which is likely 9 hours in the Fall and Spring and 6 hours in the Summer (.50 FTE appointment). It is recommended students confirm with the funding administrator to ensure they are registered for the required number of credits to maintain funding.