Movement Science Course Work

All movement science track students are required to take at least three of the following five classes (or an equivalent advanced Ph.D.-level class approved by their mentor) prior to graduation:

PHT 6236C – Motor Control Principles Applied to Neurological Dysfunction
APK 6220C  – Biomechanics of Human Motion
PHT 6718 – Neuroplasticity: A Foundation for Neurorehabilitation
APK 6116C – Physiological Bases of Exercise and Sport Sciences
APK 6115 – Neuromuscular Adaptations to Exercise

Additional core coursework that could be considered after discussion with the primary mentor includes:

OTH 6424 – Application of Motor Learning and Motor Control in Occupational Therapy
OTH 6425L  – Relation of Body Image and Perceptual Dysfunction to Occupation
PHT 6125C  – Concepts in Clinical Biomechanics
PHT 6127C – Control of Gait and Posture
PHT 6167C  – Applied Neurophysiology for Physical Therapy
PHT 6236C – Neurological Dysfunction as Applied to Physical Therapy
PHT 6316  – Neurological Aspects of Orthopedic Rehabilitation
PHT 6935C – Research Methods in Physical Therapy
PHT 6935C – Aging Motor Systems
PHT 6935C – Joint Morphology
GMS 5905 – Biomechanics in Orthopedics and Rehabilitation
APK 7117 – Exercise Metabolism
APK 7107 – Cardiovascular Exercise Physiology
APK 7018  – Environmental Stress and Exercise
BCH 6206 – Advanced Metabolism
BCH 6415 – Advanced Molecular and Cell Biology
ANS 6932 – Muscle Physiology

Research Courses

A student must enroll in a total of at least 32 semester hours of research application. Only 32 such credits can be counted toward the total requirement of 90. All courses are taken pass/fail. The courses listed below reflect progressive involvement in research working with the major professor:

  1. RSD6910– Supervised Research. No more than 5 credits can count towards the degree. This course is intended for students in their first year of PhD studies who have not yet declared a supervisory committee.
  2. RSD7979– Advanced Rehabilitation Research. Appropriate for students who have not yet been admitted to PhD candidacy. However, students must have a supervisory committee established in GIMS to enroll in this course.
  3. RSD 7980– Doctoral Dissertation. Appropriate for students who have been admitted to candidacy. Enrollment in RSD 7980 is required in the student’s final semester.