Rehabilitation Science Course Requirements


The PhD program includes 90 semester credits of study at the doctoral level beyond the bachelor’s degree. All students complete coursework pertaining to Research Methods and Statistics and Rehabilitation Science Application & Teaching followed by specialty coursework in one of three tracks: Movement Science, Disability, Participation Science and Disorders (DOPS), and Communication and Swallowing Sciences and Disorders (CSSD). A brief summary of the required courses and credits as follows;

Rehabilitation Science Application = 10 credit hours
Rehabilitation Science Teaching = 6 credit hours
Research Methods and Statistics = 13 credit hours
Research Courses = 31 credit hours
Emphasis Area Courses = 18 credit hours
Elective Courses = 12 credit hours
TOTAL = 90 credit hours

Courses related to Research Methods and Statistics

PhD students must complete 13 credits of approved coursework in research methods and statistics. A one credit course on ethical research practices is required for all Rehabilitation Science students as part of this requirement. Courses can be selected from any College, but should be chosen with input from the major professor and approved by the student’s supervisory committee. Examples of courses meeting these criteria include:

CLP 6527 Measurement, Research Design, and Statistical Analysis I (3 credits)

CLP 6528 Measurement, Research Design and Statistical Analysis II (3 credits)

RSD 6930 Matlab Foundations of Rehabilitation Science (3 credits)

RSD 6700 Introduction and Application of Measurement (3 credits)

CLP 6529 Applied Multivariate Methods in Psychology (3 credits)

CLP 7525 Studying Psychological Change (3 credits)

EEX 7526 Grant Writing Seminar (3 credits)

PET 5936 Professional Skills/Grant Writing (3 credits)

EDF 6475 Qualitative Foundations of Educational Research (4 credits)

EDF 6403 Quantitative Research Methods in Education (6 credits)

HLP 6535 Research Methods in Health and Human Performance (3 credits)

STA 6126 Statistical Methods in Social Research I (3 credits)**

Courses related to Rehabilitation Science Application

Students must complete the following required courses in rehabilitation science application:

RSD 6110 – Rehabilitation Science Theory & Application I (3 credits)

This course reviews the foundational theory and philosophical underpinnings of rehabilitation science,

including analysis of the components, stages, and domains of the disabling-enabling process, and the

ethical and social implications of rehabilitation science. The framework of the course is grounded in

analysis of rehabilitation research domains and student interaction with current researchers and

national and international thought leaders.

RSD6938: Doctoral Seminar in Rehabilitation Science (2 credits)

This course reviews key professional issues and scientific topics related to rehabilitation science. The

fundamental goal is to provide doctoral students with a foundation for professional success and

leadership in rehabilitation science. Students are required take this course twice for a total of two credits.

RSD 6930: – The Art of Scientific Dissemination (2 credits)

The objectives of this course are to introduce the students to the various types of scientific

communication and to help them develop the skills necessary to become proficient in this art. The

types of communication to be covered in the class include oral presentations, posters, and manuscript

preparation. The skills which will be emphasized are those which can lead to lucid, simple, logical, and

organized presentations.

ENC5319: Scholarly Writing for Publication (3 credits)

In this course, students work with the instructor in a “writing group” format to draft a manuscript for

publication. This course is intended for advanced PhD students who have already collected a dataset.

Courses related to Rehabilitation Science Teaching

It is the view of the PhD faculty that teaching will be an essential component of the vast majority or rehabilitation-related careers.  Accordingly, we require students have some formal training in the art of teaching as part of the graduate experience.  Students must complete the following required courses in rehabilitation science application and teaching:

RSD 6900 – College Classroom: Teaching Process and Practice (3 credits)
RSD 6940 – Supervised Teaching in Rehabilitation (3 credits)

Research Courses

A student must enroll in a total of at least 31 semester hours of research application. Only 31 such credits can be counted toward the total requirement of 90. All courses are taken pass/fail. The courses listed below reflect progressive involvement in research working with the major professor:

  1. RSD6910– Supervised Research. No more than 5 credits can count towards the degree. This course is intended for students in their first year of PhD studies who have not yet declared a supervisory committee.
  2. RSD7979– Advanced Rehabilitation Research. Appropriate for students who have not yet been admitted to PhD candidacy. However, students must have a supervisory committee established in GIMS to enroll in this course.
  3. RSD 7980– Doctoral Dissertation. Appropriate for students who have been admitted to candidacy. Enrollment in RSD 7980 is required in the student’s final semester.