Rehabilitation Science Seminar Series

Biweekly Rehabilitation Science Seminars are designed to foster interdisciplinary discussions and collaborations. The lecture series includes both local and external experts in rehabilitation-related research, with a primary emphasis on neuromuscular plasticity. This forum provides the students an opportunity to get familiar with research activities at the University of Florida and Rehabilitation Centers and Institutes across the country. Following the presentations, students, postdoctoral fellows, and faculty are given an opportunity to meet with the speakers and discuss research ideas and projects.

Spring 2024 Seminar Schedule

1/24/2024 Noon C1-009 Register Recording Dr. Karin Grävare Silbernagel, Professor, University of Delaware Tendinopathy: An Injury or Disease
2/21/2024 11:45 AM C1-007 Register Recording Dr. Kendrea Garand, Associate Professor, University of Pittsburgh Upper Aerodigestive Tract Dysfunction in Sporadic Inclusion Body Myositis (IBM)
2/28/2024 Noon C1-015 Register Recording Dr. Meryl Alappattu, Research Assistant Professor, University of Florida Bridging the Translational Research Gap: A Journey from Preclinical Gene Therapy to Clinical Trial Design and Outcome Measures
3/27/2024 Noon C1-015 Register Recording Dr. Chiung-ju Liu, Associate Professor, University of Florida Task-oriented Resistance Exercise to Reduce Late-life ADL Disability: From Science to Practice
4/10/2024 Noon C1-015 Register Recording Dr. Nichole Stetten, Senior Research Scientist, Brown University Coordinated Emergency Department Transitions for Assisted Living Patients with Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias: A Qualitative Program Evaluation
4/24/2024 Noon C1-004 Register Recording Dr. Emily Fox, Associate Professor, University of Florida Combinatorial Rehabilitation Strategies to Augment Recovery after Spinal Cord Injury

Fall 2023 Seminar Schedule

Date Registration Recording Speaker Talk Title
9/13/2023 Register Recording Tracy Centanni, PhD, Associate Professor, University of Florida Non-invasive vagus nerve stimulation for improving the acquisition of language and reading –– ––
9/27/2023 Register Recording Dustin Grooms, PT, PhD, Professor, Ohio University Unraveling the Nervous System Role in Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury and Rehabilitation –– ––
10/11/2023 Register Recording Trevor Lentz, Assistant Professor, Duke University Mental Health Screening and Management in Rehabilitation: Opportunities, Challenges, and Misconceptions –– ––
10/25/2023 Register Recording Evangelos Christou, PhD, Professor, University of Florida Voice Control, Mobility, and Cognition: Connecting the Dots through DBS Research in Essential Tremor –– ––
11/8/2023 Register Recording Adam Woods, PhD, Associate Dean, University of Florida Leveraging Neuroimaging and Artificial Intelligence to Precision Dose Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation Interventions –– ––
11/29/2023 Register Recording Sherrilene Classen, PhD, Professor and Chair, University of Florida Barriers and Facilitators of People with and without Disabilities in Accepting Autonomous Shuttle Services –– ––

Spring 2023 Seminar Schedule

Date registration recording speaker talk title
1/25/2023 Register Recording Matthew Masapollo, PhD, Assistant Professor, University of Florida Synergies and Coordinative Principles in Speech Motor Control
2/8/2023 Register Recording Emily Plowman, PhD, CCC-SLP, Professor, Program Director, University of Florida The Future of Value-Based Healthcare Models in Dysphagia
2/22/2023 Register Recording Consuelo Kreider, PhD, OTR/L, Clinical Assistant Professor, University of Florida Unlocking the Power of Discussions & Narratives: Qualitative Insights into LD/ADHD Experiences, Supports, and Needed Interventions
3/8/2023 Register Recording Krista Vandenborne, PT, PhD, Chair, Department of Physical Therapy, University of Florida MR Imaging Biomarkers in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
3/22/2023 Register Recording Andrea Behrman, PhD, PT, FAPTA, Professor, University of Louisville An unexpected journey: Things I never thought that I would do as a physical therapist and scientist
4/12/2023 Register Recording Russ Hepple, PhD, Professor, University of Florida Skeletal Muscle and Systemic Determinants of Physical Function in Advanced Age

Fall 2022 Seminar Schedule

Date Registration Recording Speaker Talk Title
8/31/2022 Register Recording Jim Weese, PhD, Professor, Western University, Canada (Virtual) Leadership Insights: The 5C Leader Concept
9/14/2022 Register Recording David Fuller, PhD, Professor, Program Director, University of Florida Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Spinal Cord Injury
9/28/2022 CANCELED Emily Plowman, PhD, Professor, Program Director, University of Florida ***Due to Hurricane Ian, this seminar has been canceled and will be rescheduled at a later date.
10/12/2022 Register Shahab Vahdat, PhD, Assistant Professor, University of Florida Neuropathology of Post-stroke Spasticity: Current Models and Limitations
10/26/2022 Register Recording Chris Gregory, PT, PhD, Associate Professor, Medical University of South Carolina Skeletal Muscle Form and Function
11/9/2022 Register Recording Milap Sandhu, PT, PhD, Research Assistant Professor, Northwestern Medicine Intermittent Hypoxia-Induced Plasticity and Motor Behaviors
11/30/2022 Register Recording Gordon S. Mitchell, PhD, Professor, Director, BREATHE Center, University of Florida In the “Translational Flywheel:” Therapeutic Acute Intermittent Hypoxia and Spinal Cord Injury


Spring 2022 Seminar Schedule

Date Registration Recording Speaker Talk Title
1/12/2022 Register Recording Karen W. Hegland, PhD, Associate Professor, University of Florida Longitudinal Investigation of Upper Airway Functions in Parkinson’s Disease
1/26/2022 Register Antje Mefferd, PhD CC-SLP, Assistant Professor, Vanderbilt University Medical Center Neurological Diseases and Their Impact on Speech Motor Behavior
2/9/2022 Register Recording Roxanna Bendixen, PhD, OTR/L, FAOTA, Associate Professor University of Pittsburgh Sleep & Circadian Rhythm Dysfunction in Boys with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy – Observation to Intervention to Implementation
2/23/2022 Register Recording Heather K. Vincent, PhD, Associate Professor, University of Florida Breaking The Mold: Running-Related Mechanics and Therapy Considerations for “Nontraditional” Runners
3/23/2022 Register Recording Josh Yarrow, PhD, Adjunct Assistant Professor, University of Florida Musculoskeletal Recovery After Spinal Cord Injury
4/13/2022 Register Recording Hongwu Wang, PhD, Assistant Professor and Director, Technology for Occupational Performance (TOP) Lab Wearable Focal Vibration on Pain, Gait, Balance, Mobility, and Sensation in Patients with Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are CEUs submitted automatically or do I need to submit a certificate?

If you practice in Florida and attended the seminar, we will submit your license to CE Broker for you to receive credit.

If you are a PT/PTA who practices out-of-state, Mike Ryan Simonovich at will send you a digital certificate for you to submit to your State board. If you are an OT/OTA who practices out-of-state you will receive a digital certificate from .

CEUs and certificates can only be provided to those attending in-person or the live webinar. Credit cannot be provided to those watching seminar recordings.

Do I need to submit a survey or post-seminar assessment to receive CEU credit?

You do not need to complete any post-seminar assessment to receive credit.

How long should it take for me to see my credit in CE Broker?

Please allow 1-2 weeks before inquiring about CEU credit. On weeks when there is a holiday, please allow up to 3 weeks for us to submit licenses into CE Broker.

Who should I contact if I have any questions regarding CEU credit?

If you are a PT/PTA and have any questions, please reach out to Mike Ryan Simonovich at If you are an OT/OTA and you have any questions, please reach out to