Additional Opportunities

There are several recurring events that we encourage students to attend and participate in.

RSD student and T32 Trainee Sebastian Barrutia presenting his research at the annual research poster session for the Neuromuscular Plasticity Symposium.

Neuromuscular Plasticity Nines

This lecture series is designed to facilitate interchange, understanding, and collaboration among University of Florida laboratories investigating different aspects of neuro-muscular plasticity.

Rehabilitation Science Seminar Series

This lecture series includes both local and external experts in rehabilitation related research, with a primary emphasis on neuromuscular plasticity. It is designed to foster interdisciplinary discussions and collaborations, and provides students with an opportunity to become familiar with research activities at the University of Florida and Rehabilitation Centers and Institutes across the country.

Neuromuscular Plasticity Symposium

Each year, internationally renowned experts in the field of neuromuscular plasticity and rehabilitation are invited to present a platform presentation, meet with the T32 Neuromuscular Plasticity program (NMPT) trainees and faculty mentors, and provide feedback on the progress of the NMPT program.