Financial Support

There are a number of funding sources available to doctoral students. Some sources of funding admitted students may seek include:

Graduate School Funding Awards (GSFA)

The University of Florida offers Graduate School Funding Awards (GSFAs), previously known as Graduate School Fellowships (GSFs). These four-year awards provide a stipend of $25,000 per year, tuition, and health insurance, assuming satisfactory progress in the program. Students receiving GSFAs identify a faculty mentor with whom they plan, conduct, and report on research studies as part of their 20 hour per week work assignment. All applicants are automatically considered for GSFAs and they are awarded on a competitive basis.

Research Assistantships

Faculty may research grants which support students and provide a stipend, tuition, and health insurance. Research assistants typically work 20 hours per week while funded by assistantships

Grinter Fellowships

The intent of the Grinter fellowship is to facilitate the recruitment of outstanding students. Therefore only full-time students entering the degree program for the first time are eligible for this award. Grinter Fellowship stipends are normally in the $2,000-$4,000 range. Regardless of the size of the stipend, all fellowships in this program should be identified as “Grinter Fellowships”. Tuition money from the Dean’s Office may accompany this fellowship. Continuation of the Grinter beyond the first year is contingent upon satisfactory student progress.

Research Experience Program

This program provides support for one year of graduate study to students affiliated with Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Hispanic serving Institutions and Native-American Serving Colleges and Universities. Funding is dependent on experience and the obligations for full or part-time work.