Rehabilitation Science PhD program graduates:

Katie Butera

Mentors: Dr. Emily Fox, Dr. Steven George
Concentration: Neuromuscular Plasticity
Dissertation: “Low Back Pain as a Nervous System Disease: Validation of Sensory, Psychological and Motor Processing Subgroups”

Degree awarded: May 2020

Brendan Doyle

Mentor: Dr. David Fuller
Track: Neuromuscular Plasticity
Dissertation: “Delivering Genes to the Hypoglossal Motor System”

Degree awarded: December 2019

Marcia Schneider

Mentor: Dr. Orit Shechtman
Track:  Disability, Occupation, and Participation Science
Dissertation: “Establishing Grip Strength Testing Procedures For Children Ages 5-15 Using the DynEx Dynamometer with the Child’s Handle Adapter”

Degree awarded: December 2019

Joseph Wasser

Mentor: Dr. MaryBeth Horodyski
Track: Neuromuscular Plasticity
Dissertation: “Motion Factors Related to Low Back Pain in Lacrosse Athletes”

Degree awarded: August 2019

Alicia Vose, PhD, MA, CCC-SLP

Mentor: Dr. Ianessa Humbert
Track: Bulbar Science
Dissertation: “Mechanisms Underlying Laryngeal Vestibule Airway Protection Patterns”

Degree awarded: May 2019