Laura Ann Zdziarski

Laura Ann Zdziarski, Ph.D., LAT, ATC

Advisor: Dr. Heather Vincent
Track: Movement Science
Dissertation: “Improving Functional Outcomes in Obese Orthopaedic Trauma Patients with an Integrated Care Approach and Early Mobilization”
Degree awarded: May 2017
Student Spotlight

Publications while a student:

Hahn H, Vincent KR, Herman DC, Wasser JG, Chen C, Zdziarski LA, Morgan C, Vincent HK. Biomechanical, Metabolic and Cardiopulmonary Responses of Masters Recreational Runners during Running at Different Speeds  Research in Sports Medicine. 2016.

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DuBose D, Connoly S, Hatzel B, Zdziarski LA, Del Rossi G, Hill I, Prasarn M, Rechtine G, Horodyski MB. Motion Created in an Unstable Cervical Spine During the Removal of a Football Helmet: Comparison of Techniques. Athl Train Sports Health Care. 2015;7(6).

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Prasarn M, et al. Comparison of the Vacuum Mattress versus the Spine Board Alone for Immobilization of the Cervical Spine Injured Patient: A Biomechanical Cadaveric Study. Spine. Accepted for publication April 2017. In press.