Abhinandan Batra

Abhinandan Batra, Ph.D., MPT

Mentor: Dr. Krista Vandenborne
Track: Movement Science
Dissertation: “Non-Invasive Monitoring of Disease Progression in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy & Collagen 6 Related Dystrophy”
Degree awarded: August 2017
Student Spotlight


Publications while a student:

Vohra A, Batra A, Forbes SC, Vandenborne KV, Walter GA. MR reveals differences in skeletal and cardiac muscles of dystrophic mouse models on different genetic background. American Journal of Pathology 2017; 187(9):2060-2070

Chrzanowski SM, Batra A, Lee BA, Vohra R, Deng Y, Jiang H, Vandenborne K, Walter GA. Near infrared optical imaging non-invasively detects acutely damaged muscle. The American Journal of Pathology 2016; 186(10); 2692-2700.

Yarrow JF, FanY , Balaez A, Mantione MJ, Otzel DM, Chen C, Beggs LA, Baligand C,Keener JE, Lim W, Vohra R, Batra A, Borst SE, Bose PK, Vandenborne K. Bone Loss in New Rodent model combining Spinal Cord Injury and cast Immobilization”. Journal of Musculoskeletal Neuronal Interact 2014; 14(3): 255-266.