Jayakrishnan Nair

Jayakrishnan Nair, Ph.D., PT

Advisor: David Fuller, PhD
Track: Movement Science
Dissertation: “Phrenic and Cervical Afferents following Spinal Cord Injury”
Degree awarded: August 2016
Student Spotlight

Publications while a student:

Nair, J., Bezdudnaya, T., Reier, P.J., Lane, M.A., Fuller, D.D. (Submitted 2016). Histological identification of phrenic afferent projections to the spinal cord. Respiratory Physiology & Neurobiology.

Nair, J.; Jorgensen, ML., Reier , PJ., Fuller, DD.,(2016). Phrenic and Cervical Afferents Following Spinal Cord Injury. Experimental Biology Meeting, San Diego, CA.

Nair, J., Mandel, RJ., Fuller, DD., (2016). Using AAV9 to trace bulbospinal inputs to phrenic motoneurons Experimental Biology Meeting, San Diego, CA.

Nair, J., Gonzalez-Rothi, E., Armstrong, G., Reier, P., & Fuller, D. (2015). Anatomical characterization of phrenic afferent projections following cervical spinal cord injury. The FASEB Journal, 29(1 Supplement). Weblink for published abstract: http://www.fasebj.org/content/29/1_Supplement/659.6.short

Fox, EJ, Nair, J., Kerwin, A., D’Allesandro, AM., Mcparland, J., Faw, T., Hoh, DJ, Reier, PJ, Fuller, DD., (2013)  Diaphragm pacing after cervical spinal cord injury – weaning outcomes and possible neuroanatomical substrate. Abstract accepted for International Symposium on Neural Regeneration, Asilomar, CA.

Nair, J., Fox, EJ., Trimble, SA., Senesac, CR., Tester, NJ., Howland, DR., Behrman, AL. (2013) Longitudinal benefits of early intervention with locomotor training on functional and musculoskeletal outcomes in a child with severe incomplete spinal cord injury. Abstract presented in Combined Sections Meeting, American Physical Therapy Association, San Diego, CA.