RSD Alumni

Rehabilitation Science graduates are highly sought-after rehabilitation scientists and educators. Many of our graduates choose to join the faculty at universities throughout the country while others pursue postdoctoral training at renowned research organizations such as the National Institutes of Health and the Veterans Administration.

From the left: Mentor Dr. Sergio Romero, Dr. MJ Lee and Provost Joseph Glover.

Learn about what our graduates studied, who mentored them, and what their dissertations were.

LastFirstMentorConcentrationDissertationDegree Awarded
Ahmed, PhD, MPHTShakeelDr. Danny MartinMovement ScienceAcute Intermittent Hypoxia and Inspiratory Threshold Loading as Strategies to Enhance Inspiratory Muscle FunctionAug-18
Alabasi, PT, PhD, MSUmarDr. Krista VandenborneMovement ScienceAssessment of Disease Progression in Upper and Lower Extremity Muscles in Boys with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging / Spectroscopy and Clinical Outcome MeasuresDec-18
Alappattu, PhD, DPTMerylDr. Mark BishopMovement SciencePeripheral and Central Factors in Female Pelvic PainMay-14
Albadi, MS, PhDMajedDr. Marybeth HorodyskiNeuromuscular PlasticityAdverse Events Associated with Cervical Spine ManipulationAug-21
Aldhabi, MS, PhDRawanDr. Marybeth HorodyskiNeuromuscular PlasticityThe Effect of Hip Abductor Strengthening Exercises on Postural Control and Gait following Total Knee ArthroplastyAug-21
Arora, PhD, BPTHarneetDr. Krista VandenborneMovement ScienceExamination of Disease Progression in Upper and Lower Limb Muscles in Boys with DMD Using Functional Clinical Endpoints and Magnetic Resonance ImagingDec-17
Arpan, PhDIshuDr. Krista VandenborneMovement ScienceNon-Invasive Monitoring of Muscle Response to Disease Progression and Therapeutic Interventions in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Using MRI and MRSMay-14
Arthur, PhD, OTRPaulDr. William MannDisability ScienceExamining the Impact of Neuropsychiatric Symptoms on Caregiver Well-BeingDec-16
Balasubramanian, PhDChitraDr. Steve KautzPhysical TherapyQuantification of Asymmetrical Stepping Post-Stroke and its Relationship to Hemiparetic Walking PerformanceAug-08
Bansal, MPT, PhDKanikaDr. Dorian RoseNeuromuscular PlasticityAugmenting Clinical Assessments of Post-Stroke Walking DysfunctionDec-21
Barak, PhDSharonDr. Andrea BehrmanPhysical TherapyHabitual Ambulatory Activity Measurement Post-StrokeMay-09
Barnard, PhD, DPTAlisonDr. Krista VandenborneMovement ScienceLower Extremity and Respiratory Muscle Magnetic Resonance Biomarkers in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy: Relationships to Clinical Function and Effects of Genetic ModifiersDec-18
Barnes, PhDRobertDr. Marybeth HorodyskiMovement SciencePsychological Distress in Patients with Orthopaedic Trauma InjuriesAug-13
Barnes, PhD, PT, ATC, CSCSLeslieDr. Marybeth HorodyskiMovement ScienceRunning Kinematics of the Thoracolumbar Spine across the Age SpectrumDec-13
Batra, PhD, MPTAbinandanDr. Krista VandenborneMovement ScienceNon-Invasive Monitoring of Disease Progression in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy & Collagen 6 Related DystrophyAug-17
Beharry, PhDAdamDr. Andrew JudgeMovement ScienceThe Regulation of Foxo1 via Histone Deacetylases (Hdacs) during Cancer CachexiaAug-15
Belchior, PhDPatriciaDr. William MannOccupational TherapyCognitive Training with Video Games to Improve Driving Skills and Driving Safety among Older AdultsAug-07
Bendixen, PhDRoxannaDr. William MannOccupational TherapyAssessment of aTelerehabilitation and a Telehomecare Program for Veterans with Chronic IllnessesDec-06
Beneciuk, PhDJason M.Dr. Steven GeorgePhysical TherapyInvestigation of the Start Back Screening Tool in Outpatient Physical Therapy SettingsMay-11
Berger, PhDKathleenDr. Craig VelozoDisability ScienceAnalysis of a Measure in Functional Cognition for Persons with StrokeAug-13
Betters, PhDChadDr. Linda ShawBehavioral Health and Community ScienceThe Psychological Status of Workers’ Compensation Clients and Select Demographic and Forensic VariablesDec-06
Bewernitz, PhDMegan WitteDr. William MannOccupational TherapyFeasibility of Machine-Based Prompting for People with Alzheimer's DiseaseAug-08
Bialosky, PhDJoelDr. Steven GeorgePhysical TherapyMechanisms of Manual TherapyAug-08
Bishop, PhDMarkDr. Dennis BruntPhysical TherapyInterlimb Coordination of Force Modulation During Gait TerminationAug-02
Bowden, PhDMarkDr. Steve KautzPhysical TherapyMeasurement of Activity Specific Behavioral Recovery in Chronic StrokeMay-09
Brown, PhD, MSOTSandraDr. Christine MyersDisability ScienceExamination of the Application of Applied Behavior Analysis Principles on a Child’s Participation in Rehabilitation from the Perspective of the TherapistAug-17
Buckles, PhDVicky P.Dr. Jamie PomeranzBehavioral Science and Community HealthExploring Issues During Special Needs Adoptions and the Applicability of Life Care Plans to Address ThemMay-11
Burkhead, PhDLoriDr. John RosenbekCommunicative DisordersEffect of Jaw and Tongue Position on Suprahyoid Muscle Function During SwallowingDec-05
Butera, DPT, PhDKatieDr. Emily Fox, Dr. Steven GeorgeNeuromuscular PlasticityLow Back Pain as a Nervous System Disease: Validation of Sensory, Psychological and Motor Processing SubgroupsMay-20
Byers, PhDKatherineDr. Craig VelozoOccupational TherapyTesting the Accuracy of Linking Healthcare Data Across The Continuum Of CareAug-04
Chatterjee, PhD, MS, BPTHSudeshnaDr. David ClarkMovement ScienceMeasurement of Sympathetic Nervous System Activity to Objectively Assess the Perceived Challenge of Walking during Complex Walking Tasks after StrokeAug-17
Chiara, PhDToniDr. Danny MartinPhysical TherapyExpiratory Muscle Strength Training in Individuals with Multiple Sclerosis and Healthy ControlsDec-03
Chiu, PhDYi-PoDr. Kathye LightPhysical TherapyStroke and Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy: Use of Eshkol-Wachman Movement Notation to Examine Quality of MovementDec-07
Choi, PhDBongsamDr. Craig VelozoOccupational TherapyDeveloping Precise Disability Measures for Back PainAug-10
Coronado, PhD, PT, FAAOM,PTRogelioDr. Steven GeorgeMovement ScienceCervical and Shoulder Manipulative Therapy Effects on Pain SensitivityMay-14
Corti, PhDManuelaDr. Carolynn PattenPhysical TherapyConcurrent Neuroplastic and Behavioral Improvements Induced by Upper-Extremity Rehabilitation Post-StrokeMay-12
D. Rodriguez, PhDAmyDr. John RosenbeckSpeech, Language, and Hearing SciencesSemantic-Motor Representations: Effects on Language and Motor ProductionMay-10
Dallal-York, MS, CCC-SLPJustineDr. Emily PlowmanNeuromuscular PlasticityMechanisms of Bulbar Dysfunction in Critically Ill PopulationsAug-22
Davenport, PhDRickDr. William MannOccupational TherapyPerceived Smart Technology Needs among Elders with Mobility Impairments: An Ethnographic ApproachDec-07
Day, PhDKristinDr. Andrea BehrmanPhysical TherapyMotor Control Solutions to Dynamic Stability Deficits during Walking after Spinal Cord InjuryMay-10
Deoghare, PhDHarshavardDr. Danny MartinPhysical TherapyPhysiological Stress during Failed Spontaneous Breathing Trials in Prolonged Mechanical Ventilation PatientsAug-10
Dillahunt-Aspillaga, PhDChristinaDr. Elizabeth SwettRehabilitation CounselingFall Prevention in Elders: A Psychosocial Model to Reduce Brain InjuriesDec-05
Ding, PhDQianDr. Carolynn PattenMovement ScienceNeural Adaptations after Non-Paretic Hand Exercise to Task-Failure in Chronic StrokeAug-18
Dominguez, PhDJoseDr. Terese ChmielewskiMovement ScienceLower Extremity Biomechanics in Jump Landing Following Anterior Cruciate Ligament ReconstructionDec-14
Donovan, PhDNeilaDr. John RosenbekCommunicative DisordersExtending Dysarthria Research with a Measure of Communicative EffectivenessApr-05
Doyle, PhDBrendanDr. David FullerNeuromuscular PlasticityDelivering Genes to the Hypoglossal Motor SystemDec-19
DuBose, PhD, ATCDominiqueDr. MaryBeth HorodyskiMovement ScienceThe Effect of Sports-Related Concussion on Neuromuscular FunctionMay-17
DuBose, PhD, ATC, LAT, NCPTDewayneDr. MaryBeth HorodyskiMovement ScienceChanges in Space Available for the Cord when Comparing a Stable Spine to an Unstable Spine during Range of Motion TestingMay-15
Ellis, Jr., PhDCharlesDr. John RosenbekCommunicative DisordersThe Contribution of the Basal Ganglia to Expressive Language PerformanceAug-05
Ernster, BHS, PhDAlaynaDr. Deidre PereiraDisability, Occupation, and
Participation Science
Improving the Hr-QOL of Neuro-Oncology Patients and CaregiversAug-22
Fox, PhDEmilyDr. Andrea BehrmanPhysical TherapyLocomotor Control and Recovery after Human Spinal Cord InjuryAug-11
Fritz, PhDStacyDr. Kathye LightPhysical TherapyFunctional and Descriptive Predictors Of Outcomes For Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy For Individuals With Post-Stroke HemiparesisAug-04
Garel, PhDCharlesDr. Mark BishopMovement ScienceFunctional Connectivity Changes within the Pain Processing and Modulatory Networks following Exercise-Induced Muscular Injury and Manual TherapyDec-14
Gill, PhDLutherDr. David FullerPhysical TherapyDiaphragm Plasticity Following High Cervical Spinal Cord Injury and Systemic SepsisDec-12
Gonzalez-Rothi, PhD, DPTElisaDr. David FullerMovement ScienceSpinal Cord Injury and Plasticity in Cervical Motor SystemsMay-13
Hannold, PhDElizabethDr. Mary Ellen YoungRehabilitation CounselingEffects of Locomotor Training on The Psychosocial Adaptation of Persons with Incomplete Spinal Cord InjuryMay-04
Hawkins, PT, DPT, NCS, PhDKellyDr. Emily FoxNeuromuscular PlasticityWalking Control after Stroke and the Feasibility of Transcutaneous Spinal Direct Current Stimulation during Locomotor Training after Spinal Cord InjuryDec-20
Heilman, PhDJillian LillibridgeDr. Mary Ellen YoungBehavioral Health ScienceThe Psychosocial Impact of Locomotor Training on Children with Severe, Chronic, Incomplete Spinal Cord InjuriesDec-09
Hilton, PhDTiffanyDr. Krista VandenbornePhysical TherapyAdaptations In Skeletal Muscle During Cast Immobilization And RehabilitationDec-04
Horn, PhD, DPT, MPHMaggieDr. MarkBishopMovement ScienceClinical Outcomes, Healthcare Utilization and Costs in Patients with Neck Pain Utilizing Physical TherapyAug-13
Howard, PhDDavidDr. Beth SwettRehabilitation CounselingLeisure in The Lives of Older Men: Coping and Adaptation Following Prostate Cancer Diagnosis and TreatmentAug-04
Hsu, PhDChao-JungDr. Terese ChmielewskiMovement ScienceImpairments and Rehabilitation Outcomes in Patients with Traumatic Meniscal Tears and MeniscectomyDec-14
Huang, PhDChien-HuiDr. Danny MartinPhysical TherapyRespiratory Sensation in Normal Subjects: The Relationship Between Inspiratory Motor Drive and Perception During Resistive Loading and Pressure Threshold LoadingAug-01
Huang, PhDTseng-TienDr. Danny MartinPhysical TherapyGene Expression Changes in the Human Diaphragm Following Cardiothoracic SurgeryMay-09
Jayaraman, PhDArunDr. Krista VandenbornePhysical TherapySkeletal Muscle Adaptations Following Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury and Exercise TrainingMay-08
Jeghers, OTR/LMaryDr. Sandra WinterDisability, Occupation, and
Participation Science
Older Drivers' Perspectives on Autonomous Vehicle TechnologiesAug-22
Jeon, PhDHye-SeonDr. Carl KukulkaPhysical TherapyModulating the Soleus Hoffman Reflex (H-Reflex) During Gait InitiationAug-03
Johnson, PhDJessicaDr. William MannOccupational TherapyConsumer Response to Home Monitoring: A Survey of Older Consumers and Informal Care ProvidersMay-08
Jones, PhDHarrisonDr. John RosenbekCommunicative DisordersThe Effects of Deep Brain Stimulation on Speech Motor Planning/Programming in Patients with Parkinson’s DiseaseDec-07
Jung Lee, PhD, BSOTMiDr. Sergio RomeroDisability ScienceDeveloping a Global PROMIS Self-Efficacy Measure for Managing Chronic ConditionsAug-18
Justiss, PhDMichaelDr. William MannOccupational TherapyDevelopment of a Behind-The-Wheel Driving Performance Assessment of Older AdultsDec-05
K. Smith, Ph.D.BarbaraDr. Danny MartinPhysical TherapyRespiratory Muscle Overload Training and Diaphragm RemodelingAug-10
Kamath, PhDManjeshwar SahanaDr. Carolynn PattenMovement ScienceNeural and Behavioral Markers of Upper-Extremity Motor Impairment Post-StrokeAug-16
Kim, PhDHyeong-DongDr. Dennis BruntPhysical TherapyThe Effect of Direction Change and Dual Task on Stepping Behavior in Young and Elderly Adults” Dissertation: “Interlimb Coordination of Force Modulation During Gait TerminationDec-02
Ko, PhDMan-SooDr. Andrea BehrmanPhysical TherapySymmetric Limb Loading: Immediate Effect on Gait Initiation in Persons with HemiparesisMay-06
Kreider, PhD, OTR/LConsueloDr. William MannDisability ScienceSocial Networks and Participation of Youth with Learning Disability, Attention Deficit Disorder or Autism Spectrum Disorder: a Mixed-Method Study Using Personal Network Analysis and Qualitative InterviewMay-13
Lagorio, PhDLisaDr. Michael CrarySpeech, Language, and Hearing ScienceEffects of Swallowing Effort on Bolus Accommodation in Healthy Elderly IndividualsDec-12
Lane, PhDFrankDr. Linda ShawRehabilitation CounselingPolice Officer Agreement with Hate Crime Classification: A Prospective Study of Differences Across Protected CategoriesAug-06
Lehman, PhDLeighDr. Craig VelozoOccupational TherapyResponsiveness Comparison of Two Upper Extremity Outcomes MeasuresMay-08
Lentz, PhD, MPT, MPHTrevorDr. Steven GeorgeDisability ScienceAdvancing the Understanding of Healthcare Utilization and Costs among Patients with Musculoskeletal PainAug-17
Lim, PhDWoo TaekDr. Krista VandenborneMovement ScienceMagnetic Resonance Characterization of Muscle and Spinal Cord in a New Model of Severe Contusion Spinal Cord InjuryAug-14
Lim, PhDYoonjeongDr. Roxanna BendixenDisability ScienceImpact of Child, Family, and Healthcare Service Satisfaction on Families of Children with Rare DiseasesAug-15
Little, PhDVirginiaDr. Carolynn PattenMovement ScienceUnrecognized Biomechanical Mechanisms of Gait Dysfunction Post StrokeAug-13
Liu, PhDMinAdvisor: Dr. Krista VandenbornePhysical TherapyAdaptations in Skeletal Muscle Following Spinal Cord Injury and Locomotor TrainingMay-06
Lussier, PhDStephenDr. Linda ShawRehabilitation CounselingCounselor Perspectives on Suicide and Suicidal IdeationAug-04
Malcom, PhDMatthewDr. Kathye LightPhysical TherapyThe Reliability And Utility Of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation To Assess Activity-Dependent Plasticity In Human StrokeDec-03
McCarthy, PhDDennisDr. William MannOccupational TherapyOutcomes Evaluation of the Assessment of Driving Related Skills (ADRES) Screening ToolDec-05
McClung, PhDJillDr. John RosenbeckSpeech, Language, and Hearing ScienceEffects of Notetaking Training on Note Fidelity and Recall in Healthy Older AdultsDec-10
McDougall, PhDAlfredDr. Linda ShawBehavioral Health and Community ScienceKnowledge, Skills, and Attitudes Regarding Individuals with Disabilities: Examining Contract and Attitudes as Predictors of Knowledge and Skills May-08
Mir, MS, CCC-SLPMichelaDr. Karen HeglandNeuromuscular PlasticityClinical assessment of upper airway
Moorhouse, PhDMichaelDr. Linda ShawBehavioral Health ScienceIdentifying Benchmark Competency Criteria for a Rehabilitation Counseling Supervision InstrumentAug-08
Mora Solis, PhD, PTFredyDr. Mark BishopMovement SciencePhysical activity and its association with pain-related distress and pain processing before and after acute exercise-induced low back painMay-16
Nair, MPT, PhDKavyaDr. Krista VandenborneNeuromuscular PlasticityPrediction of Loss of Ambition in Duchenne Muscular DystrophyMay-21
Nair, PhDPreetiDr. Andrea BehrmanPhysical TherapyNeuromechanical and Neurophysiological Examination of Walking with and without an Ankle Foot Orthosis in Non-Injured Individuals and Persons with Incomplete Spinal Cord InjuryMay-08
Nair, PhD, PTJayakrishnanDr. David FullerMovement SciencePhrenic and Cervical Afferents following Spinal Cord InjuryAug-16
Pathare, PhDNeetiDr. Krista VandenbornePhysical TherapyMetabolic Adaptations with Limb Disuse and their Impact on Skeletal Muscle FunctionMay-05
Patil, PhDShilpaDr. Carolynn PattenMovement ScienceDistinct Pattern of Walking Recovery following Therapeutic Interventions Post-Stroke: Responders vs. Non-RespondersDec-13
Patterson, PhDTaraDr. Lorie RichardsOccupational TherapyUpper Extremity Kinematics in Individuals with Stroke under Varied Task ConstraintsMay-09
Phadke, PhDChetanDr. Andrea BehrmanPhysical TherapySensori-Motor Effects of Three Locomotor Training Variables: Body Weight Support, Walking Environment, and ArmswingAug-06
Pineda, PhDRobertaDr. Lorie RichardsOccupational TherapyInvestigation f Breastfeeding Practices in The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Before and After An Intervention PlanAug-06
Plowman, PhDEmilyDr. John RosenbekCommunicative DisordersReproducibility of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation for Mapping Swallowing Musculature in the Human Motor CortexApr-05
Pomeranz, PhDJamieDr. Linda ShawRehabilitation CounselingIdentifying Critical Constructs and items Necessary to Examine the Need for Personal Attendant Care for Individuals with Spinal Cord InjuryApr-05
Posse, PhDCristinaDr. William MannOccupational TherapyThe Impact of a Driving Rehabilitation Specialist’s Feedback on Older Adults’ Driving Performance on Self-RegulationDec-08
Prins, PhDJulieDr. Linda ShawRehabilitation CounselingThe Effects of Spirituality on Coping in Frail Seniors Across Physical Capacity Levels and Living SituationsDec-01
Puymbroeck, PhDMarieke VanDr. Mary Ellen YoungRehabilitation CounselingPredictors of Quality if Life in Caregivers at One and Six Months Post StrokeMay-04
Raja, PhDBhavanaDr. Steven KautzPhysical TherapyNon-Paretic Leg Performance in Hemiparetic Walking: Loading Asymmetries, Compensatory Mechanisms and Responsiveness to Locomotor TrainingDec-10
Roberts, PhDBrandonDr. Andrew JudgeMovement ScienceThe Role of FoxO1 during Cancer CachexiaAug-16
Robinson, PhDRickDr. Jamie PomeranzBehavioral Science and Community HealthIdentification of Core Variables to be Considered in an Assessment of Vocational Earning Capacity in a Legal-Forensic Setting: A Delphi StudyAug-11
Robison, MS, PhDRaleleDr. Emily PlowmanCommunication and Swallowing Sciences and DisordersLingual Skill and Strength in Health and Disordered SwallowingAug-20
Rogalski, PhDYvonne CarolDr. John RosenbeckSpeech, Language, and Hearing SciencesLevels of Processing Effects on Text Memory in Older AdultsMay-10
Romero, PhDSergioDr. Craig VelozoOccupational TherapyMinimal Detectable Change and Patient Reported Outcomes in Falls RehabilitationAug-08
Sajjadi, MsC, PT, PhDElahehDr. Gordon MitchellNeuromuscular PlasticityAcute Intermittent Hypoxia and Motor ControlMay-21
Saldana, PhDPabloDr. Jamie PomeranzBehavioral Science and Community HealthCareer Development and Work Experiences of Individuals with Cystic Fibrosis: a Grounded Theory StudyMay-12
Sandh, PhDMilapjitDr. David FullerPhysical TherapyNeuroplasticity in the Phrenic Motor System: Intermittent Hypoxia, Spinal Cord Injury and Stem Cell TransplantationDec-19
Schmid, PhDArleneDr. Pam DuncanAging and Geriatric ResearchImpact of Post-Stroke Mobility on Activity and ParticipationAug-05
Schneider, PhD, OTR/LMarciaDr. Orit ShechtmanDisability, Occupation, and Participation ScienceEstablishing Grip Strength Testing Procedures For Children Ages 5-15 Using the DynEx Dynamometer with the Child's Handle AdapterDec-19
Senesac, PhDClaudiaDr. Lorie RichardsOccupational TherapyGeneralization of Repetitive Rhythmic Bilateral TrainingMay-06
Sethi, PhDAmitDr. Lorie RichardsPhysical TherapyUnderstanding Variability in Reaching Movements Post Stroke: Non-Linear Dynamical Systems PerspectiveDec-10
Shah, PhDPrithviDr. Krista VandenbornePhysical TherapyMagnetic Resonance Characterization of Skeletal Muscle Adaptations after Incomplete Spinal Cord InjuryMay-08
Sharififar, PhDShararehDr. Mark BishopMovement ScienceEffects of Rehabilitation on Motor Function in People Post-StrokeDec-16
Sia, PhDIsaacDr. Michael CraryBulbar SciencePharyngeal Swallowing Power: Evaluating a Novel Measure of Deglutitive Bolus-Driving Function and its Relationship with Upper Esophageal Sphincter FunctionDec-15
Silva, PhDNancyDr. Linda ShawRehabilitation CounselingEffect of Empathy Training on Master’s-Level Counseling StudentsDec-01
Simon, PhD, DPT, FAAO,MPTCoreyDr. Steven GeorgeMovement ScienceAge Differences in Pain Sensitivity and Response to Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve StimulationDec-14
Sindhu, PhDBhagwhatDr. Orit ShechtmanOccupational TherapyEffect of Upper Extremity Injury on Grip Strength EffortDec-07
Singer, MS, PhD, CC-SLPMicheleDr. David FullerNeuromuscular PlasticityCoordination of Respiration and DeglutitionMay-22
Skinner, MS, PhDSarahDr. Russ HeppleNeuromuscular PlasticityMitochondrial Permeability
Transition in Aging Skeletal Muscle
Sood, PhD, BPT, MSPallaviDr. Sergio RomeroDisability ScienceDeveloping Tailored Functional Status Measures across Continuum of CareAug-18
Spiess, PhDMartinaDr. Carolynn Patten and Dr. Andrea BehrmanPhysical TherapyPresence, Assessment and Plasticity of Descending Pathways after Spinal Cord InjuryDec-12
Sutor, MS, CSCS, PhDTommyDr. Emily FoxNeuromuscular PlasticityExploring the Coordination between Walking and BreathingAug-20
Tabor, PhD, MS, CCC-SLPLaurenDr. Emily PlowmanBulbar ScienceAirway Sensorimotor Function in Individuals with Amyotrophic Lateral SclerosisMay-18
Townson, PhDCynthiaDr. Mary Ellen YoungRehabilitation CounselingPredictors of Acute Care Discharge Destinations of Patients With Primary Diagnosis of Stroke: The Influence of Activities of Daily Living Skills and BehaviorsAug-03
Valencia, PhDCarolinaDr. Steven GeorgePhysical TherapyInvestigation of Central Pain Processing in Post-Operative Shoulder Pain”Dec-11
Vohra, PhDRavneetDr. Krista VandenbornePhysical TherapyNon-Invasive Monitoring of Disease Progression in Duchenne Muscular DystrophyDec-12
Vose, PhD, MA, CCC-SLPAliciaDr. Ianessa HumbertBulbar ScienceMechanisms Underlying Laryngeal Vestibule Airway Protection PatternsMay-19
Waid-Ebbs, PhDJuliaDr. Linda ShawBehavioral Health ScienceCreating a Novel Measure of Functional Problem Solving in Individuals with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Using a Rasch Analysis ProcedureDec-08
Wang, PhDJia-HwaDr. Craig VelozoOccupational TherapyUsing Real-Data Simulations to Compare Computer Adaptive Testing and Static Short-Form Administrations of an Upper Extremity Item BankAug-09
Wang, PhDYing-Chih (Inga)Dr. Craig VelozoOccupational TherapyLinking the Functional Independence Measure (FIM) and the Minimum Data Set (MDS)May-07
Wasser, PhDJosephDr. MaryBeth HorodyskiNeuromuscular PlasticityMotion Factors Related to Low Back Pain in Lacrosse AthletesAug-19
Wen, PhDPey-ShanDr. Craig VelozoOccupational TherapyPsychometric Properties and Rater Effects of the Computer Adaptive Measure of Functional Cognition for Traumatic Brain InjuryAug-09
Wilson, DPT, PhDAbigailDr. Joel BialoskyNeuromuscular PlasticityA Mechanistic Based Approach to Pain ManagementDec-21
Winter, PhDSandraDr. Sherrilene ClassenOccupational TherapyContent and Predictive Validity of a Self-Report Safe Driving Behavior Measure for Older Adults and a Proxy Measure for Family Members or CaregiversDec-09
Woodbury, PhDMichelleDr. Lorie Richards & Dr. Craig VelozoOccupational TherapyMeasurement of Post-Stroke Arm Motor Ability: Examination of the Measurement Properties of the Fugl-Meyer Upper Extremity Assessment with an Item Response Theory Measurement ModelAug-06
Ye, PhDFanDr. Krista VandenbornePhysical TherapyImpact of Viral Mediated Insulin-Like Growth Factor I on Skeletal Muscle Following Cast ImmobilizationMay-10
Yu, PhD, CRCNamiDr. Jamie PomeranzDisability ScienceAn Examination of Key Indicators of Well-Being in Aging Individuals with Disabilities: Secondary Analyses of The Health and Retirement StudyDec-14
Zdziarski, PhD, LAT, ATCLaura AnnDr. Heather VincentMovement ScienceImproving Functional Outcomes in Obese Orthopaedic Trauma Patients with an Integrated Care Approach and Early MobilizationMay-17
Zhao, PhDWeiyingDr. Danny MartinPhysical TherapyMechanisms in The Perceptual and Respiratory-Related Evoked Potential Response to Inspiratory LoadsDec-01