Chandrashekhar and Major selected for SIMUVACTION 2024 AI simulation

Two Rehabilitation Science students, Raghuveer Chandrashekhar (mentor: Hongwu Wang) and Jordan Major (mentor: Stefanie Bodison) have been selected to take part in the 2024 SIMUVACTION on AI: AI and Health Disparities On A Global Stage in Atlanta, GA.

The SIMUVACTION project is organized under the auspices of France-Atlanta. It is an opportunity for 40 university students from across the world to actively engage, practice, and contribute to the ethical development of AI. Students, coming from different fields, universities, backgrounds, and countries will train for 6-8 weeks through a common course in which they will receive the support of professional partners.

The project fuses young minds – especially GRADUATE STUDENTS – the world of academia, the private and non-profit sectors, as well as the community organizations engaged in issues of health disparity. It provides an opportunity for all actors to meet, discuss, and act around a common goal and project.