Congratulations Summer Graduates

This summer, four Rehabilitation Science students, Chelsea Ding, Shakeel Ahmed, PT, Mi Jung Lee, BSOT, and Pallavi Sood, BPT, MS, have completed their PhDs.

RSD grad, Dr. Shakeel Ahmed, with mentor Dr. Danny Martin
Dr. Shakeel Ahmed (right) with his mentor Dr. Danny Martin (left) at graduation.
RSD program graduate, Chelsea Ding
Dr. Chelsea Ding (center) at graduation.




Dr. Chelsea Ding
Mentor: Dr. Carolynn Patten
Dissertation: “Neural adaptations after non-paretic hand exercise to task failure in chronic stroke.”

Dr. Shakeel Ahmed
Mentor: Dr. Danny Martin
Dissertation: “Acute intermittent hypoxia and inspiratory threshold loading as strategies to enhance inspiratory muscle function.”

Dr. Mi Jung Lee (MJ)
Mentor: Dr. Sergio Romero
Dissertation: “Developing a global POMIS self-efficacy measure for managing chronic conditions.”

Dr. Pallavi Sood
Mentor: Dr. Sergio Romero
Dissertation: “Developing tailored functional status measures across continuum of care”

Again, congratulations to all of our graduating students!