RSD students receive high honors at Convocation


Pictured from left - Doctor David Fuller, Shabnam Medhizadah and Caitlin Banks won the Rehabilitation Science "Outstanding Paper" Award, Lauren Tabor won the "Dean's Scholar Award," and Shakeel Ahmed won the "Frederick Family Scholarship" at the 2018 convocation.
Pictured from left – Dr. David Fuller, Shabnam Medhizadah, Caitlin Banks, Lauren Tabor and Shakeel Ahmed.

The PHHP Spring Convocation is the college’s end-of-the-year gathering, and four RSD students were recognized for their accomplishments during the ceremony.

The Rehabilitation Science “Outstanding Paper Award” was given to Shabnam Medhizadah (Constructing the 32-item Fitness-to-Drive Screening Measure), and Caitlin Banks (Methodological Choices in Muscle Synergy Analysis Impact Differentiation of Physiological Characteristics Following Stroke)  for the impactful research they both conducted during their previous academic year. To receive this award, a student must be the first/primary author on the paper, the paper must appear in a peer-reviewed journal and their work must be conducted at or affiliated with UF.

Lauren Tabor received the $500 “Dean’s Scholar Award.” For this faculty-nominated award, a doctoral-level graduate or professional student must have successfully passed his or her comprehensive exam, and there must be evidence of both academic and scholarly activity in the college. The Dean’s Scholar is then selected by Dean Michael Perri.

Additionally, Shakeel Ahmed was the recipient of the “Frederick Family Scholarship” and will receive an award of up to $2,000. To receive this scholarship, an RSD student is nominated by the faculty during the spring semester, and criteria for selection include: treatment of others with positive regard, dignity, and respect, display dedication to the pursuit of knowledge in the profession and embodiment of dependability and self-initiation in the pursuance of an advanced research degree.

This is one exceptional group of RSD students – congratulations on your many accomplishments!