Rehabilitation Science Students Present at PHHP Research Day

Rehabilitation Science student, Tommy Sutor, presents his work to fellow students, Ela Sajjadi and Kavya Kamalamma.

On Wednesday, April 12th, more than half of our Rehabilitation Science students presented at the 30th Annual PHHP Research Day. Dr. Michael Perri, Dean of the the College of Public Health and Health Professions Research Day explains Research Day “is a time that allows our students and faculty to share findings from their research and allows us to celebrate milestones on the road to discovery.” Discovering effective ways to improve the health of individuals and communities is a core tenant to both the College and Rehabilitation Science PhD program. We were proud to have 21 students who showcased their work from across the Rehabilitation Science program.
Photo Captions:  Top Left:
Rehabilitation Science student, Caitlin Brown, presents her research to Graduate Faculty, Dr. Ianessa Humbert. Top Right: Rehabilitation Science students Sandy Brown and Harneet Arora. Bottom Left: Rehabilitation Science Students Present at PHHP Research Day. Bottom Right: Rehabilitation Science student, Katie Duker, presents her poster to Graduate Faculty, Dr. Sherrilene Classen.

Presenter PhD Mentor Title
Alabasi, Umar Dr. Krista Vandenborne Upper Extremity Muscles Involvement in Boys with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy: A Natural Disease Progression Study
Arora, Harneet Dr. Krista Vandenborne Quantitative MR Measures of Upper Extremity are Related to Upper Extremity Functional Ability in Boys with DMD
Banks, Caitlin Dr. Carolynn Patten Methods Matter: EMG Normalization Differentiates Co-Contraction During Walking Post-Stroke
Barnard, Alison Dr. Krista Vandenborne A Novel MRI Study of Diaphragm and Chest Wall Dynamics in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
Batra, Abhindran Dr. Krista Vandenborne MRI: A Marker of Cardiac Involvement in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
Brown, Sandra Dr. Christine Myers Investigation of the Frequency and Impact of Challenging Behaviors on Participation in Pediatric Rehabilitation from the Therapist’s Perspective
Butera, Katie Dr. Emily Fox &                    Dr. Steven George Recovery of Function and Pain Dissipation in Men Versus Women Following Exercise-Induced Shoulder Muscle Injury
Chatterjee, Sudeshna Dr. David Clark Sympathetic Nervous System Activity Can Objectively Quantify the Perceived Challenge of Walking Tasks in Stroke Survivors
Ding, Qian Dr. Carolynn Patten Non-Paretic Limb Exercise to Task-Failure Produces Sustained Modulation of Ipsilesional Hemisphere Circuits and Paretic Hand Function Post-Stroke
Doyle, Brendan Dr. David Fuller Comparison of Treatment Efficacy in the Hypoglossal Motor System of AAV-DES-coGAA and Novel Vector AAV-DES-IGFIIcoGAA in Gaa-/-  Mice Mice
Dubose, Dominique Dr. Marybeth Horodyski Decreased Level of Quadriceps Voluntary Activation Following Sports-Related Concussion
Duker, Katherine Dr. Carolynn Patten Visual Target Systematically Increases Volitional Force Output Post-Stroke
Hawkins, Kelly Dr. Emily Fox Backward Walking Impairments in Post-Stroke Community Ambulators
Kelly, Mia Dr. Gordon Mitchell Impact of “High Dose” Intermittent Hypoxia on Respiratory Motor Function after Cervical Spinal Injury
Medhizadah, Shabnam Dr. Sherrilene Classen Constructing and Validating the Short Form Fitness-to-Drive Screening Measure
Robison, Raele Dr. Emily Plowman Impact of Respiratory Strength Training (Inspiratory and Expiratory) in an Individual with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Sajjadi, Elaheh Dr. Gordon Mitchell Is the Surface EMG a Good Representative of the Voluntary Neural Drive?
Schneider, Marcia Dr. Orit Shetchman A Scoping Literature Review on Grip Strength Norms in Children
Sunshine, Michael Dr. David Fuller Intraspinal Microstimulation for Respiratory Muscle Activation
Sutor, Tommy Dr. Emily Fox Locomotor-Respiratory Coupling During Walking in Adults with Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury
Tabor, Lauren Dr. Emily Plowman Mechanisms of Airway Invasion in Individuals with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis